Transaction Assistance

Are you contemplating a merger or the sale of your business? Have you found a potential purchase opportunity and want to be a well-informed buyer? Have things changed, necessitating a brand transfer or other significant move? The professionals at DMG Financial understand the importance of such decisions—we will be your advocates, and always work hard to ensure that you get the best deal possible. We recognize the magnitude of your decision and the scope of its effects. DMGF also understands the complex and important relationships between your business and your family, employees, community, and industry.

Your business might be your largest and most significant asset—and you need to maximize the potential benefits of any brokerage transaction. We have an in-depth understanding of this frequently complicated process. DMGF “knows the ropes”; we work with businesses of all sizes, from the large international brewers and major importers to craft brewers and small, local distributors. Importantly, our professionals know what a good deal “looks like.”

Let DMG Financial be a part of your team of advocates—cover all your bases by including your legal professionals, your tax advisers, and us, your industry valuation experts. We will help you to maximize your net sale proceeds, stay focused on running your business, and avoid the many pitfalls that can really cost you. We can also guide you through every stage of the buying process. Let DMGF experts aid you in completing your strategic acquisition—pricing it, planning it, and optimizing your organization to maximize opportunities. DMGF can make sure that you don’t overpay—and also can ensure that you don’t pass on a good deal. Our experience, objectivity, and assured guidance alleviate some of the stress of a difficult process, and insulate you from the emotional challenges of the sale. We will strive to obtain top dollar for your family business; we can make sure that you receive fair compensation for your brand.